Tripp Lite 45U Open Frame Rack

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Tuesday I placed an order for a rack so that I could get all of my networking equipment off of the floor and the rack came in the next day. The rack is a Tripp Lite 45U Open Frame Rack purchased through PCNation for approximately $110 with shipping/handling for 2-3 day shipping. It came in it’s new/unopened box from a warehouse located in North Georgia, I assume because it’s much closer, with protection on the inside. The order was delivered by FedEX who knocked without waiting leaving the order at the door. As I brought it in, the box stated that there was a signature needed with the FedEx man ignoring the request, oh well. Anyhow, it took approximately 30 minutes to an hour to put together alone, although it is recommended to have a second person to hold one of the rails as it is ratcheted into place.

At the present moment, I only have one patch panel installed, but will have four switches, server, modem, phone, UPS, Raspberry Pi 3 with Apache, and a wireless AP installed by the end of the month. More money equals more equipment.

I found this to be the best deal out there for a 45U rack, especially from Tripp Lite. Now I have read previous reviews from customers of PCNation who stated that they had delayed shipping and horrible customer service. I recommend using Amazon, for a few more bucks, as your purchase is guaranteed even in the event that something does not go right with the seller. They will ensure that you get what you want. Please use the link below to locate the item to view more details about the rack. I will also include a link to the Raspberry Pi3 that I have as well.

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