Permanent Position Interviews

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Well, I’m already know the outcome of one employer and awaiting the other along with others I haven’t had the opportunity of interviewing with. So far in the last two weeks, I’ve had an interview with Adecco Staffing and Atlanta Job Corps.

The Adecco Staffing position was for a call center Customer Sales and Service Representative. I have had experience in a call center twice adding up to a total of six to seven months. Of course these were seasonal, but I worked well with seasonal positions in the call center. The position would have placed me with Radial which was previously owned and operated by Ebay, Inc. which preceded the original owners which was then called GSI Commerce. To get to the point, I was overqualified for the job because of my education and experience in I.T.

The other interview was held with Atlanta Job Corps which was for the position of Security Officer. This would be a great challenge for me because I have been looking for something a bit more challenging. The job entails a lot of walking, reporting of suspicious activities, and dealing with young adults between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four. Of course, I already have the experience with the young adults; however, it was in a college setting with students who intended on passing their courses. If hired, I’m looking forward to helping those young minds reach their full potential.

That’s all for today. Everyone wish me luck. 🙂

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