Studying for Pilot License

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As of last week, I started studying for my Part 107 sUAS Pilot License. 2 days ago, I decided to look into getting a private pilot license so that I can fly; however, my first step is to save funds and to conduct what I call an acrophobia test. As my close friends are aware, I have an extreme fear of heights, especially when I do not have some kind of harness to prevent me from falling. My thoughts are since I will be enclosed in an aircraft, I won’t have a problem. Once I have saved up, I will request a Discovery Flight with a ground school in either Jacksonville, FL or Savannah, GA (Savannah Aviation). This is something I look forward to working on. For now, I will save and study for both my Part 107 (Small Aircraft [Drone]) License and Private Pilots License. I have been reviewing videos in addition to my research.

Wish me luck!

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