Joshua Meunier was born in Anchorage, Alaska, on February 20th, 1988. His parents are Wanda and James Meunier. Joshua was raised by his middle-class parents in Southeast Georgia. Meunier and his family moved to Atkinson, Georgia in the first half of 1998 where his father died in a motorcycle accident on February 17th, 2001, months before 9/11 and three days before his birth. Joshua, is now a Security Enforcement Officer and has earned two Associate of Applied Science degrees in the areas of Computer Support Specialist and Networking Specialist. Before this he obtained two Diplomas and Technical Certificates of Completion in both areas of Computer Support Specialist and Cisco Networking Specialist with a minor in Microsoft Networking Specialist.

Family Background

Joshua’s father James (JIM) worked for Auto Zone and Advance Auto Parts before he died. He was a great man, having served in the U.S. Army, he had great skills in electrical, automotive and wood work. His father died in an automobile accident on February 17th, 2001. This put shock on him and his family. His death was just three days before Joshua’s birthday; with this in mind, Jim was buried on Joshua’s birthday.

Wanda, his mother, retired Customer Service Supervisor of Big Lots, went to school at Brunswick High School and graduated in 1983.

Jessie, Joshua’s brother, works for American Eagle as a Sales Associate. He has worked for Gap, Target, AutoZone, Tire Kingdom, Tires Plus, and Nalley Honda before his current position at American Eagle.

Heather, the youngest and last sibling in the family, currently works for Nalley Honda.

Career Fields

Before Joshua could get a full-time job that didn’t involve school, he worked for the Glynn County School System working mainly through Brunswick High School under the direct supervision of both Shawn Morelan and Neil Nielsen. The department in which he worked for was Technology Services. He started working for them in mid may of 2003 and left in November of 2006 when he was hired at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. His duties included unpacking boxes of CPUs and LCD monitors, installing new PCs, and providing minor technical assistance to staff and faculty members. While working for tech services, Joshua received his own lab in the tech wing in which he could learn and utilize his own server and active directory for students and media students. He managed the lab, the radio station, and the media announcements equipment and domain services along with storage devices. He also managed to learn how to disassemble and reassemble PC workstations and troubleshoot PC issues.

In November of 2006, Joshua started working for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in the Photo Lab. He started out as a Trainee then worked up to Technician where he worked up to Specialist. Soon after Joshua left Wal-Mart in order to pursue his education. His main duties were to process and develop 35mm film and process the photos that needed to be printed from them. In addition to these duties he also sold cameras, camcorders, and accessories as well as provide customer service and check customers out at the register. Joshua was directly supervised by Tina Carter who recently passed due to cancer July of 2012.

At the age of twenty-one, Joshua decided to take a break from work to complete his education which lead him to work part-time for the College of Coastal Georgia’s (CCGA) Technology Services department while attaining his degree in Information Technology. With minimal supervision from his supervisor Susan Todd, Computer Support Specialist, Joshua maintained and managed over 200 computers in five computer labs on campus as well as the few printers that were in those labs. After a year of working for tech services, Susan decided to put him to the test and gave him extra duties that included repairing PCs, installing new motherboards, installing software with supervision, and repairing printers as needed.

In 2013, Joshua transfered from CCGA to Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC) where he currently works in the library for CPTC. He maintains the lab and library, along with assisting students with issues involving Microsoft Office 2013, Financial Aid information, and more.

Life in Education

In Joshua’s younger years, he attended Altama Elementary School where they had doctors diagnose him with speech impairments and learning disabilities. Joshua overcame his speech impairments after attending the sixth grade at Brantley County Middle School; however, he still attended learning disability courses throughout the rest of his middle and high school years.

Before Joshua could attend college, he was informed by several staff members of Brunswick High School that he would not be able to attend college with his diploma of Special Education. He was furious to find out in his Junior year of HS that he could not go with his diploma type, so he took a step closer to college after leaving Wal-Mart. He went to GED school through the College of Coastal Georgia, and one by one he passed each test leaving writing for last. He was waiting for his accommodation to utilize a piece of equipment called an AlphaSmart that typed up work instead of writing. He waited a month and gave up on waiting, so he wrote it by hand and passed the first go around.

After passing all of his GED tests, he was asked by his GED instructor Jonathon (John) Roy to be the Student of the Year for the College of Coastal Georgia’s GED program. He proudly accepted and gave a speech at the graduation ceremony.

After graduation through the College of Coastal Georgia’s GED program, Joshua attended the College of Coastal Georgia where he hoped to obtain his degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. Unfortunately, he felt that he was making no progress at the university then transfered during his fourth year to Coastal Pines Technical College where he started his new major in Computer Support Specialist. He has one more to go before he can transfer to Georgia Tech in order to attain his degree in Information Technology. At the end of Spring 2014, Joshua earned both Technical Certificate of Completions for Cisco Networking Specialist and CompTIA A+ Certification Preparation.

Organizations Involved With

Joshua is involved in several different organizations on campus and off campus. One of these is the National Park Service where he serves at Fort Frederica National Monument. There he has taken courses in interpretation and asset management, as well as, creating new programs, researching, doing manual labor, and more. Joshua has learned quite a few things by attending events and asking questions at them. While working with Fort Frederica National Monument, Joshua earned four certificates through Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands at Indiana University, these include the following certificates: Introduction to the National Park Service: The History of the NPS, Foundations of Interpretation, Asset Management Webcast, and Program Access.

Joshua was also involved with the Baptist Collegiate Ministries with the College of Coastal Georgia and Armstrong State University. This involved meeting regularly every week, attending conferences, getting involved in fundraisers, and doing mission trips.

Not only does Joshua work with the National Park Service and was involved with the Baptist Collegiate Ministries, but he also helps to fund organizations, such as, the National Park Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, and Nature Conservancy.

Spiritual Practice and Beliefs

Meunier is a multi-spiritual person who studies religious beliefs and the Japanese language in his spare time. Currently, Joshua is a spiritual Ecclectic with variations from Buddhism and Shintoism mainly focusing in Shinto. He is also a minister through Universal Life Church and was the minister and founder for the Pagan Student Society at the College of Coastal Georgia.


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