My Process for Becoming a Bus Operator for First Transit

As of January 22, I started training with First Transit’s Safety Department in Garden City, Georgia. My safety director had two of six students who showed up with only one (me) remaining at the end of the training sessions. Training lasted two weeks and consisted of lectures, video lectures, knowledge tests, then behind the wheel

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Back to School

Hello Everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve last written, so I figured that I’d post something today. I returned to college as of Monday, January 10 taking classes in both Psychology and Statistics. Should be an interesting semester. I’ve already gotten a head start on Psychology. So far I’m up to Sigmund Freud and

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Website Update

As of this morning, I have updated my website to be my personal portfolio. This took me one whole day and am proud of what I have. I’m still in the process of merging subscribers and subscriptions along with certain portfolio items over. I figured it was time to make this site a little bit

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